Everybody is talking about customer focus - but what does it really mean?

Just-in-time production, short production runtime and increasing quality levels: Daily business makes great demands on the machinery. They have to amortise very quickly which means they have to run, run and run. And if not?

Especially in case of service you will see how good your supplier is. Is he reliable, flexible, fast? Did he think ahead when building the machine? Is he prepared for the worst case and can he help you quickly with online-service? Can you solve the problem with minimum expenses?


We always take - if it's technically possible - standardised components which are quickly in your company at your disposal.

We support you with fast spare parts purchase and extensive but understandable manuals which help you at maintenance, repair and solving issues.

Additionally our technicians are ready to support you at your company. We are also training your staff in operating the equipment from the very beginning.

Certainly you can contact our after-sales team during the complete running time of the machines.

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