Technology for automotive industry

Machines for interior parts

  • Laminating machines
  • Edge wrapping machines
  • Flaming
  • Adhesive applications and machines
  • Stamping machines
  • Anti creaking paint application machines
  • Assembling machines
  • Robot applications


Leather laminating

...capable for noble materials.


We support the complete process

  • Flaming
  • Adhesive bonding (hotmelt)
  • Pre-fixing devices
  • Machines and moulds


From gear shift to IP: Single parts or complete car interior.


Laminating machines and moulds
From basic laminating device to complex mould including stamping and cutting operations.


Edge wrapping machines

Edge wrapping machines for all interior parts. From roof liner to pillar, from door panel to back shelf.


  • Edge wrapping machines and moulds
  • Edge wrapping machines with integrated adhesive bonding
  • Edge wrapping without adhesive for back injection moulded parts


Because of our long-time experience we are one of the leading companies in these technologies.


Production machinery for common automotive parts

  • Assembling machines (continuous or linear)
  • Automated screwing
  • Special solutions for machining
  • Robot applications
  • Combined machinery


Bonding and assembling machinery

You can have various automation levels

  • Retainer bonding
  • Attachment assembling
  • Clip assembling


Completely from one supplier: Machinery, robot, bonding and feeding technics

Robot applications

We integrate robots from all common manufacturers. Single applications or integrated in complex flow processes.


  • Handling and palletising
  • Drilling, milling
  • Assembling
  • For clips and clinching
  • Bonding


Custom-made milling and drilling devices:


  • Standard milling or drilling operation
  • CNC controlled or robot guidance
  • Integration in production lines or linked processes

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